True…and it’s not just America. I just read an incredible story on here on Medium about why Syria is hell on earth. If you’re like me, and want to be mildly informed, you might be asking why would Assad kill his own people?

Well… here is the quick down and dirty answer to that question that Americans will understand — those in Aleppo are not his people.

Say Assad is a this certain type of tribal white American described above. Let’s just assume, to make a clear point. Those in Aleppo? They are people of color.

Now, it’s just a metaphor, because Assad is not technically white, and all the people would be considered people of color over here. But, the conflict is definitely tribal and it goes back centuries, kinda just like the black/white thing does over here. I am beginning to think all warfare is tribal. The minds never evolved, only the weapons (of mass destruction) did.

The Georgia thing was a complete waste of time, money and energy. Two candidates, not very different at all. But Pubs want to do a little battle victory dance and Dems are sulking in defeat. No one won. A lot of waste is all that was. This is what happens when you give tribal/mob mentality access to more than sticks and stones.

Just look at Aleppo — it should be a dire warning to us all. And if there is no evolution, we will soon be back to that. What did Einstein say about the FOURTH world war — and its weapons? Exactly.

Working with the Light!

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