True…and there are too many conspiracy theories circulating at this point to even try to begin to make sense of them.

You state that there are no “facts” to support these theories, to which I’d respond, there are thousands. Whether they are true, is a whole other issue. But there is a tremendous amount of information circulating with regard to everything you’ve mentioned, both sides of it. A lot of information to support what your mom is saying, a lot of information to refute it.

It’s hard to know what to believe, and maybe that’s the point.

Because of all the information and misinformation, conspiracy theories are going nowhere anytime soon.

Some of them are absolutely ridiculous and absurd, and yet millions believe them to be absolutely true. Others, like things mentioned by your mother, are not as ridiculous. There absolutely is evidence, real evidence (like the United Nations reports, studies, documents) of a desire for a one world government system, and honestly isn’t that a somewhat logical progression? Especially now. Isn’t Facebook already a one world system?

This world has changed faster than anyone could have predicted. Nothing is what it was. Due to all of the uncertainty (as well as a whole lot of truly bizarre shit coming to light) the conspiracy theories are going to be multiplying exponentially. This isn’t stopping anytime soon. And no amount of reasonable discussion of alleged facts is going to change any of this.

And as for the conspiracy theories…oh yeah…I’m still listening. Powerful people do conspire. That IS a fact. Conspiracy theorists try to figure out just what they are conspiring about and why. Sometimes they’re onto something.

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