True, but all of that is shifting drastically- and yes Trump’s plan (if what you articulated is actually the plan) would work in the long run — but given the way our political system is structured, he would beed a good ten years to set that up. He doesn’t have ten years. He has four. And this is why our system is so broken. Rarely do our president’s have enough time to implement their plans effectively-and even if they get two terms, which they all really need, the administration will switch over to the other, and all the dismantling of the former president’s work begins. We have, now 1001 unfinished presidential plans and our country is a mess as a result.

I certainly hope he can succeed, people are hopeful because he has built effective corporations, but countries are so much more complex. And the economy is global, this move to try and stem that, Brexit and now Trump, is probably irritating the hell out of multinational corporations. Don’t know if they will play along. We shall see. Apple has been criticized extensively for using Chinese labor for almost all of it’s products, but it has not stopped. China and India together are at about 2.5 billion people. Multinational Corporations know that labor is far better and cheaper than American labor — right now- without Trump changing a thing. If he completely restructured our system to make them pay more for American labor than they already do- they will just figure out how to restructure their systems using as little American labor as possible. There are already systems in place for this now. There are certain types of visas, used by certain industries, to import cheap labor in temporarily: agriculture and hospitality for example. The up side? Cheaper products. The down side? Fewer jobs for Americans.

We are going through a series of extreme economic transitions. Future factories are going to create newer and different jobs, but all the experts still seem to think they will in no way replace the jobs that have been lost here in America. Also, we used to make stuff for the entire world. We don’t do that anymore, everyone else is making their own stuff now, so if we are running factories just for us, we will not be creating wealth in the same way we did during our mid-century prosperity.

So economically, (I have given this soooo much thought) we are going to have to go back to basics, local sustainable systems.

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