True…but don’t Putin and Trump want it for the same reason? Isn’t it all about that land being in the perfect place for an oil pipeline- and aren’t the people beside the point? I mean in order to get that land cleared for the pipeline isn’t whatever power that ultimately will be going to try to kill off all those people? Could be American deep state, or could be Putin and Trump…my point is none of those mfers care about those Syrians; and any one of them would kill them all to get that pipeline up and running…any one of them, deep state, Trump, Putin, Xi of China.

I mean you have to be somewhat real about this. Do you honestly think Trump or Putin give a goddamn about peace in Syria? Neither one gives a damn about peace in their own countries , among people who actually voted for them (Or not). But regardless, let’s be real. They do not care about no peace in Syria.

So yeah lots of liars.

Working with the Light!

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