True…but it’s happening on both sides, right and left — and science really isn’t the darling of either.

We should all be listening more to the scientists and what they have to say about the environment. I’d lament their biggest problem is that they don’t get any good press, from anyone ever…and as a result they’re misunderstood and ignored.

CLEARLY, something is off with then environment. I just lived through a month where the average temperature was around 70 degrees every day and that month was February! (Which has been for as long as I can remember the coldest month of the year…even in Virginia.)

Somebody needs to be explaining this! The scientists are our best bet, but they are being harassed and silenced and defunded; and why? What do they even do that is so controversial as to warrant that sort of treatment?

From what I can tell, they are a thorn in the side of an industry that is as corrupt as they come — the dirty energy industry, that is about done (there is only so much coal, oil, gas etc in the earth that can be extracted).

Wanna talk about corruption? It ain’t just the press…that’s the least of it. All of our industries are corrupt- and the larger and more powerful they are, the more corrupt they get. Dirty energy is about as grimy as an industry can get.

All this talk about coal minors…let me tell you the very first case I worked on was a case at the Department of Labor — Mine Safety and Health. It was about “piercing the veil” — legal term which basically means a company is pulling a con.

So this huge conglomerate coal mine company, was setting up all these smaller companies, to get around putting in safety protections for the minors. I was in law school, working as a paralegal. I had to do the legal research to make the case that this was illegal.

I thought this was the most boring and pointless job in the world, until I was helping the lawyers put together their brief on the suit.

I had to label picture after picture after picture dead minors, crushed by mines caving in on them. At that point, the job became “real” for me. I realized that I was actually doing something other than the relentlessly boring task of researching archaic case law on mines.

We won and that filthy rich mine had to pay those minors families for their losses and agree to make all their shoddy mines safe.

This is an example of the good work that the Feds can do as well as an example of how dirty the current energy industry is. I am certain the corruption has only gotten worse, (I worked on that case well over 20 years ago.)

It boggles my mind, that all too often the people who are all gung-ho for government deregulation are often the ones who are going to be most severely affected by it. Do miners want to work in coal mines where they are going to die horrible and painful deaths?

What is the basis behind this great push to make the world incredibly unsafe for most people? Does it make any logical sense? No! It just doesn’t!

And…I get that regulation is a huge pain for most businesses, I totally get it. I do. But for us people to say, “oh big business, please put up any kind of crappy mine, treat the miners like disposable paper cups and pour all of you horrible coal-cleaning poison in our water, so our babies will be born with three eyes and no legs. It’s so worth it because we will have these crappy, life-threatening coal jobs, albeit no health insurance” is beyond insane.

There have got to be smarter solutions than this…and probably the scientists can find them, if these corrupt ass industries would just leave them the hell alone.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!