True. They take deals. You get charged with a crime that could lead to 20 years time. Take the deal and get 2 years instead. Of course the charges are trumped up. The entire system is such a racket. It is simply a backdoor into the institution of US slavery and it was designed to be that way.

If you read the 13th amendment (which is the constitutional amendment that freed the slaves) it says, no US citizen can be enslaved UNLESS they commit a crime. The South purposely requested that loophole, and then they immediately began to criminalize anything a black person did. It was a way to get their slaves back — legally.

It makes perfect sense if you think about how much these slaves were worth. A slave in the 1800s was worth what a car is now. There is no way Southerners were giving up all that “property” and wealth, without a fight.

I mean, what would you do if someone passed a law making your car illegal and took it away from you? Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get it back? Especially if you still had to pay your loan on it. So, the South wasn’t giving up slavery without a fight. The criminal justice system was simply one of many tools it used to reinstate it in a different way.

There is plenty of evidence to support this. The US Imprisons more people, I think, than almost all countries in the world combined. Our stats are ridiculous. It’s clear that our prison system is wildly disproportionate to every other countries; and that’s because it is slavery.

The prison industrial complex was the way the US legalized the slavery it never wanted to get rid off, and especially the South. They never wanted slavery to end and that is basically the South’s position to this day.

That’s why you have all this hysteria over Charlottesville and the confederate monuments, because Blacks really are fighting back against slavery that is still very real today. White Southerners are fighting to keep slavery that is very real to this day. They don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

White Southerners don’t want this slavery, as it exists in it’s current form, as a wink and a nod to the criminal justice system as the legal excuse for it, tampered with in anyway. In many small Southern towns, the criminal justice system is literally the only industry that pays well — and it’s the industry of overseeing slaves.

Already, they are fighting a ferocious battle against the corporations who want to completely take over the industry and cut these small Southern towns out of this industry entirely. Now that corporate America (or corporate world) has discovered the vast profitability of slavery, Southerners really are losing the slavery meal ticket, not because slavery is ending, but because a more powerful force is taking it from them.

And they know this is happening, they are saying to the politicians who allow them to plead their case, “hey if you let these corporations take all of our prisoners (slaves) from us, we’ll have no way to sustain our towns.” They actually make the case that their towns subsist on their prisons, and thus, they have to incarcerate people and have zero incentive not to incarcerate people. They actually admit that they will incarcerate people for just about anything, because they need to fill their prisons; and a lot of the backlash against the Obama administration’s justice department was that they were trying to shut these practices down.

The Trump Administration is amping these practices back up, at an alarming rate, and that’s why I for one don’t buy for one second all of these Pubs denouncing Trump for being racist. They are all racist, the way that they support this legal form of slavery. They are incredibly supportive of liberal incarceration because most of these prisoners are black. And all the Southern politicians support their slave prison systems, because they have been a vital part of those Southern economies for forever.

And this is why you will never hear too many white Southerners speak out forcefully against slavery, and amongst themselves they often justify its existence. Do not believe the hype that slavery is over, or it’s been outlawed. This is why I used to get so angry with Svetlana regarding her take on American slavery, because she couldn’t possibly know, about the backwards and underhanded political tactics that occur over here. Hell, most Americans have no clue; and that is all by design.

It is extremely difficult to get inside an American prison, if you don’t work there or are a prisoner there.

As for slavery being over, In the South, that was just never the case. In the South, Blacks “know their place.” And that is code for, “you’d better be very subservient acting or you will be killed.”

And so, by and large they are very subservient and do whatever their white neighbors request of them. They accept whatever injustices are served upon them, like being charged with and doing time for crimes they did not commit.

Now, outside of the South, the situation is totally different and blacks are totally different- and the situation is far, far less manageable. There are in fact a lot of very violent black criminals, but usually the crime is black on black and most of these criminals never get caught or prosecuted, unless they destroy property. They largely work the drug trades, which are vast in America: marijuana, crack/cocaine and heroine.

It’s the reason we have this opioid epidemic now, killing off huge swaths of white working class America. That epidemic was kicked off ironically enough, by Big Pharm overprescribing opioid based painkillers to white Americans. When Big Pharm cuts them off of the pills, they go to the streets for heroine. Because we always have a war on drugs, drug use is criminalized and now a lot of whites are being swept up into American slavery, or if you insist on playing the game, criminal justice system.

But it really doesn’t matter to the corporations, what color of the bodies they enslave, just as long as they can “legally” enslave them.

So yeah, Slavery is over, like Americans are free.

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