Truly tragic what you are experiencing, but I have to disagree that it’s Obama’s legacy. If the blame for the housing market crash should be placed anywhere, it would be on George Bush’s shoulders. The market crashed under Bush, and as someone who bought a house in 2003, I can tell you during that time, it was clear to me that there was a great deal of corruption occurring in the way that mortgages were being structured.

All that happened on Bush’s watch, but I wouldn’t hold him or his administration responsible for it. There are a number of complicated factors that led to that crash, and both parties contributed to it.

Obama in fact passed laws to assist people with staying in their homes-HAMP the Home Affordibilty Modification Program. So he did what he could to slow the crisis. No it certainly wasn’t enough, but the Congress (Republican controlled) is probably to blame for that.

I think it is important for Americans to truthfully examine what happened to all the middle class wealth (largely in home ownership) that has disappeared. Stop trying to blame any one President. The situation is far to complicated for that. It was building for a long while, due to banks lust for certain kinds of debt, and a desire to push more and more of it onto the American people while keeping wages low.

If we keep lying about what caused our problems, we will never solve them. Obama is not to blame for the housing crisis. He certainly has other failings, like not ending wars as promised, but the housing crisis? If you feel like you have to blame a president, that blame rest solely on Bush’s shoulders. The market crashed on his watch and the severe economic struggles have been getting worse and worse ever since.

Now I don’t buy into partisan politics, which is to say, I get the game, and the parties are all on the same side. There is no real difference between them, especially if you look at the situation from an economic viewpoint. They both keep wealth and power concentrated in the hands of a few — and they use endless divisive tactics to distract people from this reality. I see through it, however.

Nevertheless, I would rather play partisan politics than hand the country over to a dictator. Yes, sheriffs and banks and law firms are too swamped to evict people. Thats democracy, however. One of the benefits. Everything has a process; and if you can work the process to your advantage you might stand a chance.

Dictators send armed guards to drag you out of your house and shoot you, because they feel like it, and so, I prefer the former game with the process.

Now we are moving into the latter territory. Who needs a house when they are dead 0n the street?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!