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It’s All About Trump

And so, everyone, and I do mean everyone is talking to me about President elect Trump. White people, black people, Mexicans, LGBTQs, sexual assault survivors and of course and especially Muslims. Some people are frightened (understandably I can’t even lie or normalize and of this.) It’s pretty far out stuff. What’s next? Aliens? Are those aliens actually going to show up now? Right now, I feel like crazier things are happening. I’d probably just be like, hey aliens, what’s up?


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The Blacks

Let’s move onto the group of Americans I know most intimately, Trump refers to us as the blacks. Honestly, we are kinda all over the place. Some of us are pretty upset about it. Some of us are probably thrilled. My next door neighbor with whom I grew up, owns a pretty successful small business and was gaga for Trump. He insisted to me, when I expressed my concerns, Trump is not racist! Tell me one racist thing he has said! My response?

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The Buddhist

What about my friend? Did I do enough to look out for her, to protect her from all the hate and pain and fear thrown at her? I did my best. I am haunted by the idea that it wasn’t enough.

Working with the Light!

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