Trump’s Chaos Magick

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Propaganda Chaos Magick

Telling bits or truth and mixing them with blatant lies is a form of chaos magick which is also known as propaganda. There is all kinds of propaganda in circulation, which leads to everyday chaos magick in the form of an invalid personal attack. Here’s one, from one of my commenters on my posts about conspiracy theorists:

A chaos master will make it seem like, the rational person is crazy.

Charlie accuses me of accepting any and all conspiracy theories I come across. This is not true. In all of my conspiracy theorists writings, I have been saying that I do not do this. I simply listen to the theories. I do not outright dismiss them.

Elections Harvest Energy

Do you ever think about who you give your energy to, or why? Let’s talk about elections. It’s an election year. What is that about? Elections are about harvesting energy. And whether he is aware of it or not, that’s what Charlie is up to, he is using chaos magick, to harvest energy for the left, in this upcoming election.

Working with the Light!

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