Tyranny is already here, pretty much around the world. We are in total agreement, I think, about the condition of the world right now. It is structured around lack-scarcity paradigms, and has been for quite some time. People are tired of these paradigms.

A lot of interesting points about anti-racism and Marxism. I will do my own research, but if you have any links where the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, state that they are Marxist, can you forward those links to me? Id appreciate it.

Something else is going to require a change in human consciousness. It’s already underway, and hence worldwide revolts everywhere…people tire of the lack-scarcity paradigm or as you say have and have-nots.

You make Marx sound like a proponent of an Orwellian style dystopia. As far as dystopias go I prefer the Brave New World, and that’s pretty Much what we have, except it’s worse. Much more chaotic and disorganized and cruel in the way it seeks to dumb people down into a chattel state.

Hey! Here’s an idea, let’s poison the water! See what happens! Let’s poison the food! See what happens! Let’s spray poison from the sky see what happens! Are they dumb enough yet?

That’s what the powers that be have been up to for the past five decades or so. Marxism…per your description, doesn’t sound great. And honestly from what I remember your description sounds about right. I was never a fan.

But my point is capitalism ain’t great either…and it has done exactly what Marx said it would do, create 5 rich people at the top of a pyramid of billions. How in the fuck is that a good thing?

Something else. By that I mean new paradigms totally new abundance paradigms. Ask the what ifs…what if energy was free? (And it is…the sun is free energy that causes everything in the planet to grow.)

Harness that energy…give it to everyone. How would the world change?

The idea that there is lack on this planet, is an illusion. This world is wildly abundant. The lack-scarcity is a paradigm…a set of rules that has restricted human consciousness, all for the benefit of 5 rich people. (I’m being facetious…there are really 10 of them, 😂🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣.)

And so what I am trying to say, is that something else is a shift in consciousness, away from all of these old, restrictive lack, scarcity fear based consciousnesses; and it is happening right now…slowly…barely perceptible…but it is happening. Where it ends up? I don’t know. I can’t see it! But I feel it.

Einstein said, we can’t solve these problems at the level of thinking that created them. There are a lot of us who realize that, and we are shifting our consciousness.

Working with the Light!

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