Uh…you left out one critical word here WHITE boys…WHITE, WHITE and only WHITE boys, here in America. (And not even all of them, but the privileged ones, to the mildly to the hyper, over, uber privileged ones are taught the works owes them everything. )

And that has its own energy…its own vibration.

Things have changed a bit, and that energy, that vibration is being hell of disturbed!!!

It’s not the case anymore. It is just not the case that white boys are automatically entitled to everything.

And some are cool with that…They were never vibing on that energy. They are living their best life and doing their own thing. They don’t need to define themselves via a gender or a color.

But there are plenty of white boys that do…And they are ANGRY! ANGRY! ANGRY!!!

There are also a lot of Non white males who VIBE DEEPLY on that toxic masculine energy.

They are also ANGRY! (Ice Cube says what? Kanye West says WHAT????)

They are Deeply enraged, at this point.

The solution? Call the energy out for what it is. This type of dark, dense energy HATES light. Shine the light and it will stay far away from you.

Working with the Light!

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