Um, well it kinda was. This mess is some good 200 plus years in the making, via 43 white male leaders…I am just saying!

It is utterly idiotic to lay this mess at Obama’s feet, just as it is utterly idiotic to lay this mess at general white America’s feet. I don’t think anyone is blaming white America for the huge state of unrest the country and the globe is in. I think we are all pretty clear that the blame lies with, as you do aptly put it, sociopathic politicians, and they are everywhere all across and in every race. Now they are working overtime and in tandem.

But what your average American white person can do, that many just ultimately and outright refuse to do, is recognize the divide and conquer race game that had been played for centuries in this country, and recognize, and this is important because it definitely impacts white you — it’s not the same game that it was.

The divide and conquer race games are changing — and these changes disadvantage most average white Americans greatly, but blacks and browns are not your enemy. It’s the sociopathic politicians, who are simply minions for more powerful sociopathic forces that empower them. They are the ones changing the rules of engagement, and this has actually been a long time coming.

Working with the Light!

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