Um yeah…we all need water. I am indigenous to one of America’s crumbling inner cities, Cleveland Ohio; and these water issues are freaking me out! People in Detroit and Baltimore are being forced to go without water. In Flint, Michigan, murder, death, kill amounts of lead have been dumped into the water- and endangered entire communities. People all over the country are dealing with fracking contaminating their water supply. People in West Virginia, are having to contend with all those coal chemicals leaking into their water. They were told it was safe to drink despite the fact that the water had a very peculiar order! This is frightening! We all need water! None of us can go for more than a few days without water!

Water supplies all over America are being subject to attack and not much is being done about it. Lake Erie, the Great Lake that supplied water to my city of Cleveland is being depleted. How does such a thing happen? That lake is huge! (And sadly, quite polluted. Lake Erie doesn’t provide the best water but even so. Polluted water is better than no water, I guess, maybe. I’m not entirely sure, but anyway, where is all that water going? No one seems to know. Something is not right.)

I am super proud of the all the natives and the Standing Rock Sioux for doing what is right — for everyone. Thank you and God bless!


Working with the Light!

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