Valid points about the third world stuff. A lot of things are dragging us down and certainly I’m not going to tell you illegal immigration isn’t a part of the problem. It is. I’ve seen how bad the problem is first hand…but I also know it’s a really complicated problem that we never ever truly fix it (Trump’s not going to fix it) and MS-13 (a ruthless El Salvadorian gang/crime syndicate) mocks law enforcement and the FBI. MOCKS THEM.

They ain’t going nowhere. They’ve made that clear. And like almost all these intractable problems, they are problems we created with our own foreign policy. We created MS-13, and the Taliban and ISIS and on and on it goes. We never learn. Policing the world? Exporting democracy? We should have stopped 20 years ago.

Trump is definitely a change. It is hard for me to say a good one, because that just seems insane. Between the two of them, I can imagine why one would take a calculated risk on him, just like I took a calculated risk on her. And both choices were dismal, in my opinion. I felt screwed either way, but Trump has me feeling extremely screwed and uncomfortable right now. And that was what I hoped to avoid.

Trump is a Molotov cocktail and HRC was business as usual. These choices were awful.

I will concede this, however. He might be painful but necessary.

If only he can manage not to blow up the world.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!