Very nice, very well reasoned response - except the part about racism - extraordinarily dismissive. But bottomline, the fact that Coretta Scott King, appealed to Ronald Reagan in the 1980s regarding this man’s racial biases, and even Reagan was moved, speaks volumes to this man’s racial biases.

Anyone who knows a thing or two about the Civil Rights Movement and how it unfolded in Alabama, how, for example, an African-American church was bombed, because the citizens had the audacity to want to vote, and shop and eat in public spaces, and not have their lives and homes and places of worship at risk for simple things like daring to look make eye contact with white people. Yeah, that’s Alabama, hasn’t changed much at all and yeah Sessions is a career Senator, of that.

And you say that you don’t ignore evidence that, doesn’t support your view of things, (and largely, I would agree with you, I don’t think that you do.) So what, in the world do you do with the evidence that is the state of Alabama?

The racism of the deep South, is an entirely different sort of racism than everywhere else in America. It’s far more primitive, basic and brutal. Strange, in that as Billy Holiday, they grow strange fruit…blood on the leaves, blood on the root, black bodies swaying in the breeze…and you want to convince me, that anyone who comes from a position of power from that culture - is on the up and up?

To me, it’s an utterly ridiculous conversation! This is a culture where, to this day, large numbers of Southerners stubbornly insist that they were right. They were correct in their insistence of maintaining slavery in America, as well as all the sick, inhuman, disgusting norms that went along with it (raping black women with impunity, lynching any black man who acted the slightest bit masculine, and challenging the corrupt social paradigm. They have created defacto systems of slavery (primarily the criminal justice system) that support those southern economies to this day!

And, because those economies would be seriously devastated without all that slave later, both Pubs and Dems ruthlessly suppress black votes. There is a deep fear of backlash, and I guess there probably should be. If you are dead to wrong and unwilling to admit this, (and have been, for well over a century) your only available option is fight, fight, fight against the group of people you have so relentlessly wronged, gaining any sort of power. Why? A deep seated fear of revenge. Who knows if it is justified. I think it’s probably not. But I do think it’s the sort of things that haunts most southern whites, like Sessions, at a subconscious level.

Voter suppression, de facto enslavement via criminal justice systems, the South, has run these particular con games have been run for well over a century, ever since the Civil War ended…and in fact, some would argue, it never really did.

North Carolina is an anathema to democracy- so says the world. The pubs did not get their governor in, even after suppressing the hell out of the black vote, gerrymandering the hell out of the districts, with rep maps that are utterly laughable. But, they will not give it a rest! They immediately began rewriting all the rules to make the Dem governor’s term null and void. It’s disgraceful. It lacks all integrity and credibility, who can trust crooks like that?

The South has a deep race and political corruption problems, starting with the police/KKK murdering people with impunity. But, what comes around, goes around, and so parts of Texas probably are ravaged by “No Country for Old Men” type problems, which makes the desire for extraordinarily secure borders completely understandable. And yet, lying, stealing, upholding corrupt practices and people out of fear, is absolutely not the way to go about it. It truly causes far more problems that it solves.

But that is American politics generally. If you start to pull on the string on any one of these problems: slavery, drugs, terrorism, deep state (all of this is intertwined and related in a big ball of deception) if you trace the money back to all root causes, you will often find, in America - we have met the enemy and it is us.

We created ISIS. We created MS-13. We created North Korea. Racism in America runs deep and is home grown, especially in the South, an entire region willing to fight for the death to retain their slaves…and they did fight, and they paid dearly…and they ain’t never forgot that. Never. Yet, the South, nor does the rest of American ever intend to pay the piper for any of it. Well…that’s a problem, and it’s exactly why America is in such bad shape, today.

A long time Alabama senator…well…three states I never want to see, based on what I have seen of them: Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Naw. No thanks, never….Also Texas, though people such as yourself claim, there all all sorts of delightful things about it (and I don’t doubt it). Still, I’ve been to Dallas once…about four years ago. Lots of cars with bumper stickers like “I got my gun” and “Kill a Liberal.” African-Americans largely acting like they just got off a ship named Amistad, so…I’m good. Don’t need to see Texas ever again in this life or for that matter, any other.

Working with the Light!