Very, very little quite honestly.’s my perception, that they’ve done more than the Pubs…and if I’m totally honest, my perception could be wrong on this count. I was raised in a culture that hated, absolutely despised Ronald Reagan…I had no idea why. I was to young, back then, to understand the politics…but I just knew that my community felt like it was dying because of him. When I got to college, majoring in poli-sci, I finally realized why they all hated him so much. He took a lot of federal money out of those communities.

But at the time, I didn’t even now that. He seemed like a perfectly normal man to me…which was confusing l, because I was constantly being told he was the devil, quite literally.

If everyone you love and who loves you, tells you nonstop, these people hate you, these people will harm you, these people mean you no good…well that is going to leave you with some biases. I say all of that to say this, though I care not a whole lot for either party, I could never see Pubs objectively, even if I wanted to. It’s like telling a Palestinian all Israelis aren’t evil…and I’m sure that’s true. But try to sell that to a Palestinian. It’s probably not happening.


Working with the Light!

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