Violence is only going to beget more violence. That’s universal law, it’s also physics. This is what I believe, so yes I advocate nonviolence.

No I have yet to speak out against Antifa, because quite honestly I don’t know much about them. I have spoken out about BLM. I said I’m certain they were not a heavy presence in Charlottesville, because I live 90 miles away. I am well versed in the politics and demographics of this area. Virginia is only 10% black, and because most of it is rural, blacks are not high concentrations anywhere except Richmond.

Plus Virginia is the South. Southern racial dynamics are entirely different from other parts of the country. If there was a large BLM movement here, I would be a part if it because black lives DO matter, and I find it ridiculous that anyone tries to debate this, or back me into a corner where I concede that they DON’T.

Yet, I am quite aware that many white Americans, and especially ones that identify as Republicans, try to play these rhetorical games all the time. You’re not fooling me. Perhaps you are, as I remarked to Karen Dickson, fooling yourself.

Maybe you don’t think it’s racist to constantly attack black people when they show up at a protest to insist that black lives matter, but I KNOW IT IS.

No one will probably never convince me otherwise. I am deeply entrenched in this position. (See now that’s an example of entrenchment.) No matter what you say about BLM, I think they’re fine. I don’t think they are “violent thugs” as they have been portrayed via Fox News. I think Fox News is a ridiculously and despicably racist and sexist propaganda machine.

Again I am entrenched on that.

I am not moving away from it, even though, as Caitlin Johnstone pointed out they’re not entirely wrong about everything all the time. I believe that’s true. A broken clock is right two times a day. But Fox News has never adequately covered any African-American newsworthy event without bias, hatred and ignorance.

You will not move me on BLM, your best bet with regard to that, is to say:

“I understand you feel that way. That is your right. But I feel differently.”

If you do that, then at least I would think you are reasonable enough to respect someone’s deeply held beliefs-and as you said, leave them alone about them.

As for Antifa, I have been trying to find out who and what they are. There’s just not a lot of info on them, which is concerning in and of itself. If Antifa is a group that lurks in the shadows and attacks fascism with guerilla warfare type tactics, we should all be very, very concerned. We should be ver concerned that a group like that feels like it even needs to exist. This is third world activity. It suggests that there is so much corruption in our mainstream government, that rebels or insurgents are needed to correct it — and this sort of thing never ends well, for most people. It signals a breakdown of law and order.

But…we do have such a breakdown. Especially, when you have politicians on both sides of the spectrum refusing to respect the rule of law. Both Pubs and Dems are guilty. But under Trump this lack of respect has been taken to unprecedented and unpredictable heights.

Trump is constantly seeking to ignore or rewrite any law he doesn’t like or overturn any conviction, he doesn’t agree with. He is behaving like a dictator.

This sort of activity will create an Antifa.

Antifa like groups do not pop up out of nowhere. They have their reasons. So I believe that Antifa exists, and I certainly understand how recent political choices made by those on the right, are the impetus behind the group. Just as certain choices made by those on the left (electing the first black President) are behind the rise of white supremacy groups.

I just don’t know that Antifa is as large a threat to stability or as violent as the right side of the political spectrum is claiming. Just as those on the right are claiming that the white supremacists aren’t a real threat. Well just based on what anyone can see, based on what occurred in Charlottesville, the white supremacists look like a real threat. But, looks can be deceiving.

The right side of the political spectrum is claiming that Antifa is an alternative extreme radical and violent group to the left, that is a real viable threat to safety and stability. Meanwhile the left side claims it is not. It’s vice versa with the white supremacists groups.

Both sides have severe credibility issues, so like most Americans I have no idea who or what to believe with regard to Antifa or the white supremacists, but from what I’ve read so far, if that’s all true, there is cause to be concerned. The violence beginning from extreme factions on the left and the right will spread and impact and affect everyone. So yes, we should all be very, very concerned.

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