Water is definitely a scarce resource in many parts of the world. I studied capitalism and socialism and communism, so I understand the flaws of each of these systems. Just because socialism and communism don’t work, doesn’t mean capitalism is great either.

All those systems are OLD. None of those systems really take into account how to care for the earth. The earth is totally disrupting capitalism as is information technology.

The earth is getting hotter and hotter and people are migrating. Soon there will be no jobs, robots and computers will do them all. Then no one will have any money to buy all the capitalist goods…then what? Holly Wood was right, capitalism doesn’t have a plan. It just says “get rich any way you can.” Drugs, wars, guns. Destroy the community, destroy the economy, destroy the earth…capitalism doesn’t care. It doesn’t have a plan. Sooooooo don’t blame me for whatever is going on in your country, blame capitalism.

Working with the Light!

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