We are at a point and time in human history where we definitely need to think differently; and we are doing it. The arguments for basic income make so much more sense than all of the bizarre and convoluted systems we currently have in place to access and distribute wealth.

I do see a lot of problems with it, however. Who gets it? What are the criteria? What feeds the income distribution system? How are the cost of goods going to respond to the basic income (which is to say does everything become more expensive than anything basic income could buy.) Who produces the goods? Maybe, instead of basic income, what we need instead is basic needs always met…always food, shelter, safety provided community by community. Maybe what we need instead is to revisit what we consider basic human rights. I do think that we need to revisit the concept of every human being on the planet having their basic human needs met- and being encouraged to grow and explore beyond that as they so choose.

I also think that we humans need to reexamine our relationship to the physical world. How have we abused the earth’s resources and how can we stop doing that and move forward in a more holistic, sustainable manner. Maybe that sort of behavior can be incentivized.

I love entertaining the idea of all of us doing something entirely different with money than we have done for the past 2000 years at least. I think the only things that keep us mired down in the way it was and has always been is tradition, convention, fear of change and intellectual laziness. But as the global monetary system hangs on by a very tarried strand, we must consider other options.

Working with the Light!