We don’t say this because mainstream media (MM) subjects all of us to a tremendous amount of programming, which then infiltrates our reality and becomes reality program. There are literally things which MM absolutely does not want you to think or to say. There are all kinds of questions MM does not want you to ask. MM hates free thinkers and critical thinkers because these are the people who can push reality in a different direction. MM despises the thought of that. It wants complete control of the reality and the narratives that run it. Some programming is VERY STONG.

Police programming (about them, what the police themselves are subjected to) IS VERY STRONG. when police themselves break out of their own programming (due to their own humanity) THEY GET SILENCED. There is a very sick and dark force behind police programming (what they are subjected to, and what the public is supposed to think about them). Black Americans are immune to this programming, because the police are trained not to even bother with putting on a facade for us (that they serve and protect.) Some of them do serve and protect regardless, but that is not the primary programming. The primary police program is serve and protect wealthy, propertied interests. That programming is very deep, centuries old — it comes out of Europe and that fuedal system.

The most powerful choice, any awake individual can make is question the programming (as you are doing) and ultimately consciously reject the programming. We all have far more control over external reality than any of us have been led to believe. Detaching from the pull of this nightmarish eternal reality, begins with questioning and rejecting the programming. When you reject the programming, the rejection much be complete. By that I mean you can’t give any energy to it. If you are giving energy to the programming (by writing about it, per se) you haven’t rejected it, but you are questioning it. You are saying, “why should I believe this programming?” If you get angry that the programming exists, you are still giving energy to it.

The trick (and this is difficult, admittedly) is to observe the programming, be neutral about it, and feed it no energy. With no energy the programming dies. If you don’t give it energy, the programming dies FOR YOU. (And that’s great, for you, but certainly we’d like the programming to die for anyone and everyone who would be negatively impacted by it.) That’s much tricker.

Sadly, people are entangled in so much of this programming on so many levels, (and then there are the forces behind the programming too) that when you push against it, you get A LOT of push back. When you question it, you get A LOT of “don’t question this!” Thrown at you. Just observe it. Try not to get emotional about it. The trick is to observe the programming, and not to buy into it.

Working with the Light!

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