We don’t think its a show. People are well aware of what’s going on. The question is what exactly do you do you when a fascist dictator and his legions of supporters grab your country by the throat?

Americans don’t quite know what to do, because at least in my America, I have never seen anything like this.

Criticizing Americans for not doing anything (which a lot of non Americans are doing) is like criticizing Black Americans for being constantly killed by the police. Clearly we want the situation to change and are doing all we can, but resistance to change (now a fascist mob combined of government and people) is ferocious, heavily armed, and willing to do anything it has to do to survive. Shoot people down in the street while protesting? No problem. Kill them all, ask questions later, no f@ck that, don’t ask any questions at all. This is America.

Working with the Light!

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