We have to recognize that none of the old tricks are going to work…we need something entirely different. We need for people to wake up and want something entirely different. Learn from history or repeat it? No. Learn from history and step out of it. This is all the same, and yet different. The world is different. It is much more intricately connected than ever before. It is much more deadlier than ever before. Nations now have the ability to wipe out entire nations…and they are trying.

And yet consciousness is different than ever before. People are seeing all of this relentless and pointless suffering and are being changed by it, even empowered by it. Now more than ever people are feeling and thinking “no more of that.” These thoughts are powerful. They are strengthening in a field of collective consciousness. Honestly, I think that is the task. Directing collective consciousness into empowered states. The task isn’t to combat or resist destructive energies, but rather to rise above them and work beyond them.

You’re probably thinking, this has never worked in the past. True. At least not in any major movements that can be historically documented. But all of that can change now, because consciousness is changing, drastically now. We are in a shift. As a result energies are being pulled in all sorts of extreme directions. Giving into extremes is destructive, that kind of energy is all consuming. The better choice is to rise above and work around that energy.


Working with the Light!

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