We shouldn’t (we can’t!) believe any of these fuckers! They lie, lie, lie nonstop and they TELL US that they lie nonstop! They lie to start wars, they lie to keep the wars going, they lie to keep a president in place and they lie to get rid of him.

As for Putin, he’s a lying ass liar too. How could he not be? In order to hold your own with lying ass lying, lying liars, you have to lie. Maybe he’s killing US troops, maybe he’s not. But powers that be are tired of Donny’s crazy ass, who just absolutely refuses to take orders from warmongers like ever other American president.

So this particular narrative about Putin killing US troops (like any of the people talking that shit give a fuck about US troops!) is about ousting the mad man, to pave the way for the decrepit establishment puppet…now come on, you know this!

And…it doesn’t matter if the narrative about killer Putin is true or not, just that it does the job of fuckin over Donny boy.

And, you might think Donny Boy is so noble resisting the war mongers, but let me clear that up for you. No it’s not cause he’s so fuckin noble, it’s cause he would rather spend his time rallying up his Klan base to incite a second civil war here at home. That’s what Donny Boy has been up to.

And even though most Americans don’t like this, he don’t care! He’s fuckin crazy and really thinks he is King of the world.

My God…it’s all such a fucking MESS! Are we going to survive this shit? How?

Scottie!!!!! Beam me up! Not only is there no intelligent life, they’re trying to destroy the planet. Worse than chimps, cause chips don’t detonate atomic bombs.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!

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