Welcome to the Awakening 2020

Unsplash: Jackson Simmer
Peaceful Protest in Richmond Virginia
Richmond Police Officers Keeping the Peace at a Peaceful Protest

Peaceful Protest, Talking to Cops

I went to a protest, here in the City of Richmond, Virginia, the heart of the confederacy. This is where I’m currently living, but haven’t lived here very long, but it is the South…and not just any South, the heart of the confederacy. When it comes to race, Richmond means so many deep and powerful things, to so many people. In a sense, confederate statues in Richmond have a chokehold on consciousness. (But that’s another issue, for another post.)

Destructive Systems (Law Enforcement is Only One)

The police, (all police) understand the destructiveness of their systems, because it is the water in which they swim. I know exactly how these systems are extremely destructive. I am a civil rights attorney who has had a fair amount of dealings with the police, and their extreme comfort with violating an individual’s civil (and basic human) rights, in their quests for whatever they are pursuing.

Working with the Light!

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