Well answer this question, who owns the earth? Who owns it? The earth is billions of years old and predates humans by billions of years, so it is utterly preposterous to claim that any human owns the earth. That’s why native Americans fail to understand the concept as its a ridiculous one, like owning air. Or oceans.

The earth though is the base of capitalism. It is the literal foundation of it, as whatever gets produced, it happens on this earth. A factory has to sit on land. It just has to. It’s can’t sit in the sky.

So, here is the trouble with capitalism -it takes a public resource- the earth-doesn’t pay for it, certainly can’t control it,(despite desperate desires to do so) and exploits it shamelessly.

When it’s a few capitalist doing this, it’s not optimal, but it’s okay, because they are like fleas on a dog, pimples on a face, bothersome, but not fatal.

But the fleas have turned into rabbis and the mange and the acne has turned to leprosy. The capitalistic exploitation of the earth is so far beyond a threshold that is normal. And capitalism never accounted for this EVER. Capitalism never accounted for natural resources running out. Capitalism never accounted for the costs of the destruction of natural resources either.

Why should people who live next to Pig Factories that fill lakes with shit and blood have to pay the price of contracting the kinds of illnesses one gets from living next to lakes filled with shit and blood?

Why aren’t capitalist paying the price? (Paying for their healthcare?) But even that won’t make these people whole. They never should have been subjected to all that blood and shit in the first place. And…what about the employees who work in such places?

Clean water and air are PUBLIC GOODS that capitalism destroys and defiles and never pays for. It is theft, capitalism is involved in rampant earth theft and defilement and avoids this accusation by acting as if the earth isn’t an actual resource.

Let me put this in more material terms. I am a capitalist. I am going to start my business by coming into your house and selling everything in it, for whatever I want to sell it for. There is that pesky little fact that this is your house, but hey, I’m a capitalist. So I am just going to ignore that and keep selling your stuff and making my capitalist profits.

Oh, guess what…all the stuff in your house is running out. Only five or ten things left to sell, well I am about to go to someone else’s house and do the same thing, but not before burning your house down and getting the insurance money…that’s capitalism. That’s what capitalism does to the earth.

It used to be only Green Peace was pissy about this. No more. We are all pissy, because we all live on this earth, it is the ground we all walk on and we cannot sit up and act like capitalism isn’t fucking it up completely, because we live here.

Every capitalist should be required to leave the earth exactly as they found it. Then they wouldn’t be earth stealing, but since that’s never even been considered…yeah. It’s a tremendous amount of earth theft that goes on with capitalism, and its reached a point of no return with the fossil fuel. 300 million years to make that stuff, capitalism snorted it like cocaine in about a century. Who paid the earth for that?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!