Well are sorts of people are being/getting extreme. Left/right/other…these are truly some of the craziest times. But people are getting extreme because basic needs are not being met, food, shelter, safety, stable climate. Most people, right or left based or leaning, have legitimate gripes. I can’t stand it when one tries to push all the drama off onto the other. Social Justice Activists, of which I consider myself one, are usually fighting for very basic things — hey don’t rape the young women, how about we feed the kids, how about we stop shooting people for no reason, how about we stop selling little girls as sex toys, how about we don’t poison the water. It’s not left or right, it’s a basic, human thing. It’s a basic respect for the sanctity and dignity of human life. Do some social justice activist go to extremes? Certainly, but these are the ones who have been brutally taped 5 or 6 times, after seeing a loved one shot in the street, for trying to get his kids some food -so yeah, they’re a little pissy. Can’t blame them one bit. The times they are a changing. Fascist want to do their thing, but the level of kickback is unprecedented. People aren’t going for the same old facism…too many new ideas out there.


Working with the Light!

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