Well aren’t opinions judgments, in a sense? And what else can anyone base an opinion on but their life experiences? What they have read, but other than that, its all experiences.

Stereotypes are based on truth. It’s not politically correct to say so, but don’t conservative types hate political correctness? Except when it’s a black woman talking about self-proclaimed “ rednecks” which to me is a very controversial term like “nigger” and always I would say — let’s just not use those words in the workplace. Guess which group refused to comply?

But when it comes to being PC, you can’t have it both ways. If you don’t have to be politically correct, why should I? Usually, when I speak to these sorts of things, I use the qualifier “to my experience.” So let me say about all that I’ve said, it is all “to my experience.” But to me, that is kowtowing to PC bullshit, that I honestly don’t have time for.

But you didn’t answer my pressing question! And I have another one, would you consider yourself a “redneck?” I don’t consider myself a “nigga” (which is a very different term that “nigger” but Jesus, that’s an entirely different crazy conversation.)

But if you do consider yourself a “red neck,” then I would say, a redneck who reads Baldwin — whoa! Never met one like that, but you just never know!


Calling me daughter of Baldwin is a huge compliment! Or as Trump would say, “Yuge!” If Trump weren’t running this country, he would be funny as all hell!

But he is, so he’s not. The shit is not funny.

Working with the Light!

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