Well damn…I didn’t love it; but ya sort of eviscerated it.

It was not a complex film intellectually — recycled storyline — Thelma and Louise with black people and culture. And it does resort to tried and true-but also lame and tired tropes (ignant fat black folk are funny).

And neither main character was all that deeply developed. although I disagree that Queen became “softer.” I think she was true to herself, to the very end. Definitely not a punk, but DEFINITELY exposed to too much fucking violence. That shit was ridiculous and offensive to me.

But given all of its intellectual flaws, it’s a story that you can FEEL…and I think that is why it IS for black People…black people like to FEEL, more than they like to think…I’d argue (from the perspective of being a thinker in the culture…we thinkers are NOT well regarded in the culture…ijs)

It’s a film you can FEEL. I think the film captures how most black people FEEL about all the violence we have to face on a daily basis. And I think it’s been well received by most black people who have seen it. I FELT that film. I didn’t think it was well-written (like a said the plot was A Thelma and Louise knock off and in terms of conflict escalation T and L did it better, cause they blew up that truck…and it was like damn…they definitely gonna kill them bitches for THAT SHIT…whereas with Queen and Slim, they didn’t tear anything else up (which I kinda wish they would have done some Nat Turner type shit).

But it was a feeling film…not a thinking film…and not great writing, but better than Tyler Perry writing…and I know ya not gonna say he ain’t for Black People cause black People have made Perry rich, rich, rich!!!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!