Well first of all, I agree with almost all of what you said and especially this: “If I were you, I would be more afraid of Hillary. She is the Devil you don’t know.” Yah. I’ve considered that. You think that doesn’t eat at me? You think that doesn’t make me question whether I can go to the polls at all? I have voted in every election - ever - since I was able to vote. I have never been so conflicted and disgusted as I am this 2016 election cycle.

I know about everything she’s done, because unlike most voters, I read up on all the candidates. I actually try to figure out what they stand for and what they are going to do. I’m not happy with what I’ve learned about her. Disgusted…but if there’s all of that…then I am wondering, what else is there? I’m terrified about what more will be revealed- on either one of them!- as we go into the final countdown.

Well, obviously Donald is not stupid (you don’t get to be worth billions by being stupid.) Therefore, he too is pretty calculating. He sure plays stupid, for very calculating reasons; and unlike you, I don’t think that for one minute Trump is the least bit concerned about America. Why would he be? He has the resources to travel anywhere in the world. He is the devil you, apparently don’t know. Trump is a business man, and this running for president is a business move, he is trying to play in the Big Leagues, with the multi-billionaires, but he’s not playing the right way- or maybe he is. Like I said I have no idea, what the man is up to, but for the most part it doesn’t look good or sound good.

I know this, business people love illegal immigrants- and why wouldn’t they? It allows them to be competitive, keep costs low, all that jazz, etc. Therefore, Trump ain’t building a wall anymore than Obama has provided affordable healthcare. And even if Trump did build his wall, it would just be another hugely wasteful federal expenditure because like the comedienne George Lopez said, “we have tunnels.”

Our problems, right now, are extremely complicated. I’m no fool. As a poli-sci major, from a pretty reputable university, I really do grasp the big picture and the fragility of our American situation. And believe me, I am holding on to my cushy American life, by a strand and a prayer; and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do it - under Trump or Hillary - and I don’t even know if I want to try, because I do feel like, at some point, it’s all going to come crashing down. Why wouldn’t it? This is what is happening within the systems all over the world, because they are unstable. Do I think I’m special? No not really. I sure as hell do not think that either Trump or Hillary gives a damn about me - or the fate of the average American.

Trump wants what Trump wants - and he doesn’t want to play fair, he wants to upset the entire apple cart. Dangerous game — for him. It may get him killed. Hillary is deeply enmeshed in a corrupt system that owns her. Arguably that makes her more dangerous than Trump-that all depends on what the system wants her to do; and this is what we fail to understand. There is a much bigger picture- that most of us just cannot see. We only get the tip of the iceberg from the media (if that) which is neither liberal or conservative leaning- it’s both, but primarily the media wants people afraid, because that drives ratings, which drives profits. Here’s the one thing that they don’t want — for us to have any idea about what is really going on in the world, Russia, China, North Korea, The European Union, Brexit, Isreal/Palestine conflict, South American and Mexican drug cartels,…how America figures into all of it…because if we knew about all of that, then we’d really be freaking out.

What I really wish right now — is that I knew how to get off and survive off the grid. If I knew how, if I had a cabin in the woods - now would be a good time to shore up supplies and hunker down in it. That’s how I feel.

We have a million reasons to be afraid OR we have a million reasons to be creative and think out of the box and let this system go. Because it’s not serving us. You are absolutely right to say, we can’t rely on the government. So what can we rely on? Ourselves - and sure that’s scary but being afraid isn’t going to change anything. And not being afraid is easier said than done - but I’m just tired of being afraid. So, I refuse to be afraid. I’m brushing up on my off the grid skills; and if I get trampled by a hysterical Trump mob or shot in the head at a Black Lives Matter protest or raped and beheaded in the street by ISIS (apparently some Americans feel this is a threat) so be it. This wild ride had to end one way or another.

Working with the Light!

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