Well, I can only speak for myself, (and I tend to avoid the labels, Dem, Pub, conservative, liberal, they are imprecise and only divide people idiotically.

But speaking for myself, it is difficult to have sympathy for anyone who votes against their own self interests, especially when you know it affects you, as well. I don’t have a great deal of sympathy for the women who voted for Trump and as a result may lose access to birth control. Honestly, a part of me wants to say to her, “look at what you did, stupid!” As for black men who voted for Trump (and I know some personally) apart of me wants to say “Oh my God, you are such a freaking idiot!” I really do. But I don’t say that either, because this is largely unhelpful.

The group of people that I feel the least annoyed with over Trump, are rural white Americans. I can totally see why they would vote for Trump, and how they have been led to believe that doing so is in their best interests (although clearly it is not.) To be fair, I don’t often interact with this group of people, but if I did, i’d probably find them to be incredibly annoying too.

It is annoying to have to deal with people who are voting against their and your self-interests, no matter who they are. I can’t stand all the idiots who want to shut down the EPA because, news flash, I like to breath clean air and drink clean water. I am left to wonder what kind of freaking moron doesn’t want these things? And yet whoever is against this, can’t be put into a race, gender, class category. So what, whoever they are, they annoy the hell out of me.


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