Well, I can’t match this level of passion as I don’t find anything particularly repulsive about you. I find your style of discourse fascinating in its complexity and subtle dishonesty. If anything, that’s a compliment. You have a mastery of rhetoric that rises to the level of weaponization. It’s quite a tool for use in the information/cultural wars.

I just don’t agree with your worldview, and you clearly don’t agree with mine.

We had, (I thought) already established that we would agree to disagree. There’s no need to debate anything any further. Certainly no need for hurling flaming daggers. But, this is what you do from time-to-time, what seems to me, out of frustration — and especially if anyone agrees with anything that I post. I have observed this pattern.

The level of anger and resentment you have directed at me, in this post, I find a little unsettling. I don’t have anything against you personally Svetlana, this is all just rhetoric and discourse. To that end, we should be able to share different ideas without resorting to insults and vitriol.

Maybe I am wrong about you. Maybe not. I do find a lot of your posts to be subtly racist and sexist and stoking the flames of division along those lines. That’s my opinion. At the end of the day though, my opinion shouldn’t matter all that much to you. It’s not that serious. We don’t even live in the same country.

It’s Sunday. I truly hope you have a blessed day. Truly.


Working with the Light!

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