Well I do. I think she’s a beautiful soul who made a sacrifice to prove a point, which sadly neither whites nor blacks are getting,

Her death illustrates to all of America how very twisted and sick American racism is. It is on display on the world stage and entire fucking countries filled with white people are disgusted by it. Australia, the U.K.- entire fucking countries looking at our gun violence and going, WTF, America???? WTF.

I think on a soul level, Justine Diamond and Philando Castile sacrificed their lives to show us the true nature of the sick, diabolical, insane, demonic presence that is in our midst AND GROWING.

Another peaceful, loving soul, extinguished on this earth, once again, without apology. Except this time the soul had white clothes on, instead of black ones. The shooting soul was clothed in black, instead of white.

And, no one has hardly anything to say, because the colors are all mismatched.

Whites kill blacks with impunity in America. Now the situation is reversed, and all of the justifications that we have heard ad naseam have been silenced. None of this: “she just should have” or “she should have never” or “everyone knows that.” None of the typical insane dialogue that justifies typically justifies manslaughter best, premeditated murder at worst.

If you can’t recognize yet, how deeply twisted, brutal, demonic and sick American racism is, then you are one dense mfer. Refusing to see. Refusing to learn. Good thing there’s quick karma.

Karma is moving quicker than ever, John McCain, Steve Scalise — white people (who are on this particular trip) you sure you wanna keep riding that murder, death, kill train? Are you sure??? Are you sure you wanna keep cavalierly writing death certificates for black people with wild abandon? Sure you wanna keep that shit up?

Karma is moving quickly, and so the next bullet you shoot just might richochet back onto you. Next death certificate might have your name on it…keep it up.

And that goes for everyone. Karma is moving quickly, so watch your words and deeds. The death anyone wishes on another, will probably move very quickly TO YOU. Quick karma is for people who just keep failing to learn their lessons. Quick karma is on the move.

Working with the Light!

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