Well, I enjoy arguing and the art of it, argument and persuasion that’s my favorite endeavor.

As for your guy below, well… as Robert Frost said, education is the ability to listen to almost anything, and he was worth a listen…many valid points raised. He was struggling at times to make his point, however. Copywrite infringement removal of his friend’s You Tube channel was censorship related? Was that his point? And the censorship was of hate speech? Then he says no such thing as hate speech? Well I disagree, with that clearly.

But his point about Google being able to wipe anyone out on a whim, very valid, and I guess frightening if you want to be a part of what Google is doing (and clearly he does as he has a You Tube channel.)

People think that because Donald Trump does and says whatever he wants, we all can say or do whatever we want. Ha, ha! Try it. You just might get your You Tube channel shut down.

There is this saying about Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. and it is this, if you aren’t paying for it, you are the product. Think about it. It’s true. People should use those platforms knowing this. There re is no “right” to Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in some countries a right to Free Speech, but Google doesn’t have to give you its platform, and if you are using it and they don’t like what you say, and shut you down, it is not a violation of free speech. It is basically them saying get out of my house, with all of that. They are perfectly within their rights on that one.

Is it scary? Sure. Cause Google has a tremendous amount of power at this point, more than any country, probably. They will leverage that eventually. How? No one really knows. At least I don’t.

As for all the different media…clearly a double-edged sword. Awesome that no one has a monopoly…crazy that everyone is reporting “news.” A lot of which is pretty damn bizarre, and yet true. These are really, really strange times.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!