Well I grew up half Baptist and half Episcopalian. And I just witnessed a lot of hypocrisy. I encountered many good Christians as well. I just feel like the organized structure of not only Christianity, but all organized religions, allow for a whole lot of wolf in sheep’s clothing situations and what makes it WORSE is that all the other more authentic Christians want to give them passes with all this “everyone is a sinner” and “just turn the other cheek” nonsense. So you know what happens? The institutions become corrupted with these psychopaths and sociopaths and pedophiles.

For good Christians to keep making excuses for these monsters, is a little sick to me, truth be told.

The devil is the devil. But for the devil to pretend to be God, well that’s insult to injury- and that is what you have in most organized religions. Recognizing this to be true, I have said, to hell with it, I don’t…I won’t play that game.

And yet, a lot of people want to play it. You do. And that’s cool. I mean we all have to come to know God on our own terms. Christianity is not for me anymore. Though Jesus Christ clearly is. There is definitely a difference.

Some people-and it’s usually the shrinky types, they see through the con immediately. I bet John Hopkins gets what I am saying, totally.

But if you are deep into that Christian dogma, you are caught up in a loop that forces you to empower monsters in the name of God, and I am sorry but it is sick. And it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. You won’t face the truth about this because it would cause you to question everything you believe and have invested your life in. And that is painful. I have already done that, so I know how painful it is.

But, the church is corrupt. Almost all organized religion is deeply corrupt, monsters get inside of those systems and run buck wild, and this is the reason so many people don’t believe in these systems anymore.

I wanted to believe, but monsters inside the system, or just very flawed people within the system, forced me to abandon it all together. And I’ve heard all sorts of nonsense about, well this is the devil working on you, that’s his plan. I call bullshit. I am too smart to give my time and energy to corrupt systems. I just don’t choose to spend my life that way. I can’t. Deep in my soul, I feel it is not for me.

But my ultimate point is, most “Christians” could care less about anything Jesus preached, but only about using Christianity as a sort of status symbol and power trip. Almost all the Christians I have ever known are like this. I would say maybe 10% of Christians are really trying to emulate Jesus. And yes, they are decent and awesome people. It’s too bad they have to work inside a system that has become so filthy and corrupt. From the outside looking in, the corruption reflects badly on the entire system.

I once knew a priest who I thought was awesome. He made sure poor kids had food when no one else did. We worked at a community center together. I admired him deeply.

He was murdered. Some thugs bashed his head in. At the time, I was devastated. I thought how could God let this happen to such a decent man?

Now, however, with everything that has been revealed about the Catholic Church, I wonder if he wasn’t a pedophile and if that’s why he was murdered that way.

If he was a good man, then this is awful that the Catholic Church has placed this taint on him.

On the other hand, if he was a pedophile, then I feel like he deserved what he got and I feel stupid for ever believing he was a good man.

A system that causes this sort of confusion is a sick one. I am sorry but it just is, and I don’t see how people can keep trying to act like it isn’t. It is a little delusional.

And yet, I don’t know what the answer is. As long as Christians insists on giving sinners a pass, very corrupt people will always infiltrate those systems and do horrible damage to innocents and the unsuspecting. Most Corrupt Christians quickly realize I am too smart for their bullshit and leave me the hell alone. There is nothing they hate, so much as being challenged on their corruption and hypocrisy. They only take pleasure in corrupting and misleading the innocent and naive, cause all others represent a threat, I guess.

Working with the Light!

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