Well I personally thought it was refreshing to see a Hollywood cast that was almost 100% dark-skinned, with the exception of Angela Bassett and the white guy, and Michael Jordan.

I mean, I get that Africans come in a multitude of colors…African is a fricking CONTINENT, so of course it’s going to have all the colors. But it’s a continent that arguably has more darker-skinned humans than any other continent, so hey in our fantasy about Wakanda, let all the people be dark- skinned! I imagine that Africans don’t care about skin color the way that Americans and other colonized countries do…but in African-American culture SKIN COLOR IS HUGE, with our darker skinned peoples not getting a fair shake, and I for one have been sick of that bull ish for the entirety of my LIFE!

So I was THRILLED to see an entire dark skinned cast, it’s about f@cking time.

Working with the Light!