Well I think it is on everyone’s minds right about now, men, women, everyone is struggling to understand this shift we are in. The gender shift — and it is huge, is compounded by the fact that so many other shifts occurring: economic, political, environmental, technological (the last two I can’t really even fathom they are so vast and so extraordinarily transformative.) It is like knowing a volcano is going to blow, any day now, but having no idea when or how to prepare. People are terrified and overwhelmed. Others say it’s truly an exciting time to be alive. Just sit back and witness. I feel both ways.

But what’s at stake for women? (Clearly I am biased being one) status gains that we can’t afford to lose. And honestly? I don’t think we will. No more having very little control over our reproductive functions. No more having very little influence on the larger society. Maybe I am being overly optimistic or naive but I largely think that’s done.

I am very clear on the fact that there are extraordinarily desperate attempts by very desperate men, clinging to what they perceive as their male privilege, but what they perceive as privilege really isn’t a privilege at all; and I think there are enough other men, who get it. Especially younger men. I think the old gender paradigm is dying. I think this death is a force of nature, which is to say, these men can stomp, and deny and pass legislation and go through all the various antics they please to try and turn the clock back to 1504…it is not going to happen. The impetus behind what is going on with women is a change in consciousness. And it’s happening so fast — it is contagious, spreading at the speed of thought, the more people try to block and stomp out these new thoughts- the more they spread, the worse they get! (Or better, depending on your perspective.) It is like this quote (you know I love quotes) “Don’t worry about the law, they can’t arrest us all.”

Don’t worry about those power hungry, controlling men! There are 20 smart, capable women for ever 1 of them! The sheer numbers, the shift in consciousness, it’s too big a movement to turn it back. They will not defeat a hurricane, with ten bags of sand.

Consciousness, around a whole host of issues is changing. Who knows what’s going to happen when AI shows up? (I constantly come across that narrative here on Medium…Hal, Alexa, and Siri are going to outsmart us all!)

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!