Well, if all you see here is that “Trump says mean things” you are choosing to be deeply ignorant about the nature of sexual assault. You’re probably also ignorant to the fact that it’s become a crisis in the society, along with intimate violence — and if you’re a man, you’re probably thinking, you don’t care, anyway. Those are “women’s issues.” When nothing could be further from the truth. A society that tolerates a lot of violence against women and children is a very sick society indeed. A presidential candidate who outright condones said violence, is highly problematic. And its not that both candidates don’t have problems- but Trump’s are far more visceral. But beyond all the sexual stuff, there is the fact that he exhibits all the characteristics of a third world dictator — and he does not deny or hide from any of this. He admires Saddam Hussein. Everyone knows of the cruelty and capriciousness of that particular dictator. So no, Trump doesn’t just say mean things, Trump plans to rule in a cruel, capricious and dictatorial manner. That is extraordinarily dangerous, far more dangerous then anything that Hillary Clinton has ever done here in America to date.

But even with all that, he might not lose. I’m still not convinced. There are too many people who support him.

Working with the Light!

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