Well if so, he’s failing horribly. There are literally millions of people (including you) questioning the legitimacy of Clinton’s campaign. At this point, no matter what anyone says or does those questions will still exist — and that can be a good thing, or not, it all depends.

But some of us are not working on any covert political sabotage situations that will completely burn the house that we live in down to the ground. Some of us simply want to take comfort in a political process, which, by and large has worked fairly well in that it does not burn the house to the ground (except for the Civil War.)

Make no mistake, we are in burn the house down territory. Trump’s attack on Republicans is a burn the house down move.

In the face of so much instability, I think Bill is doing his part, in the way that he knows how, to bring back some stability. He’s simply saying, these are the numbers, derived from this methodology. I could be wrong, but he seems fairly neutral and whatever biases he has (certainly we all have them), he is at least attempting to eliminate via the selected methodology. Would you have any issues with him if he ran the numbers and Trump was the winner?

I think it’s important not to attack Bill because of what he represents — logic, reasoning. The more we start attacking this, the further down the rabbit hole we fall, and we’re already pretty far down. If we keep this up, there will be no return to anything resembling stability or sanity.

I understand your paranoia and distrust. A certain amount of it is absolutely healthy in this political climate. But you can’t stop trusting everyone, that will drive you 😝 crazy.

We’ve all got to stop thinking of this election as if it determines our personal fates in a life or death fashion. It doesn’t.

I’m going to be honest with you, Trump isn’t the answer I’m looking for, neither is Clinton — but no matter which one of them wins, I still have to go on living my life and so do you. Don’t you want to do it without attacking people who think differently than you or in this case deliver messages that you don’t want to believe or receive? Don’t shoot the messenger, because the message is not his fault. Good luck to you too!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!