Well if that’s true, that’s sad. Regardless of what people think of the two main actors of the shitshow (Ford or Kavanaugh) Hatch, Graham, Grassley, some guy from West Virginia, and most definitely McConnell were all engaging in conduct that I can most politely call “unbecoming of a Senator” as they threw the most basic tenets of logic, reason, and jurisprudence (and most important for the judiciary NONPARTISANSHIP) out of the window, while screeching about how horrible Democrats are, and how they are victims and ignoring everything the real victim had to say.

Quite the gaslighting there…I’m sitting there watching they guy from West Virginia scream at Kavanaugh,

“Do you believe in God?”

Watching Kavanaugh SCREAM back,


And then watch the guy from West Virginia insist that that settles the matter…WTF?

Is this seriously idiocracy? Yes it is…those confirmation hearings where the penultimate example of an idiocracy.


But the Pubs made it so with Merrick Garland, which was truly subversive and outrageous, but I wouldn’t say evil.

The judiciary is under attack by Pubs, deep attack, and this is very dangerous and THAT’s where thus conversation should be right now. Not on midterms or evil Dems, but deep and lasting damage being done to the judiciary.

Reason and logic were thrown completely out of the window, by Pubs; and whatever anyone has to say about Dems, in that hearing at the very least they pretended to be reasonable. They asked perfectly reasonable questions, and demanded perfectly reasonable answers…instead they got:

“I like beer, don’t you like beer?”

Are you fucking kidding me? Meanwhile, Graham needs to be responding to the total disaster that his state is, with all of the destruction, debris and dead animals stinking up the state, after the animal factory farms were totally destroyed by the recent hurricane — but what is he doing? Screeching at a manufactured shitshow, about how angry he is because he’s being victimized by democrats. Do you know who has been victimized by him? His constituents? Remember them? Residents of North Carolina who actually VOTED for him.

I mean what do you think those people are experiencing right now? And do they care if Graham is screeching at a shitshow? Or are they concerned with the environmental destruction of their property, and how they are going to live in a state that has been polluted by literally millions of rotting animal carcasses? What are those farmers going to do? The ones who lost all of their commodities? Millions of livestock, killed.

I mean I experienced the mild effects of that hurricane- felt for my neighbor’s in North Carolina- and I couldn’t help wondering, is their Senator Graham doing ANYTHING to help them? Or is all of his time, energy and focus going into screeching at the shitshow? And how in the hell could THAT be more important than the devastation that had literally JUST been wrought in his state?

Ahhhh…those people aren’t going to be voting are they? Nah, just scrapping for survival, after everything they’ve built into a life has been totally destroyed.

I’m sick of this demonization of Democrats. They aren’t perfect, but they are far from the evil doers they are being accused of.

No proof that they were behind Dr. Ford’s accusations or that that was even a strategy that was in play. If that was a strategy is was a very risky one — as any discussion of sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, is a highly divisive one. And the results are very unpredictable — primarily because when it comes to this topic people are extremely conflicted WITHIN THEMSELVES. The average person doesn’t know how to feel about the kind of assaults Dr. Ford described- but they do know how to feel about powerful men. Be very deferential, bend over backwards to appease them, don’t directly challenge them, lest you pay the price. And men like this DO get a free pass on sexual misconduct. Everyone knows it — but no one wants to own it. Trump fucking said so! He can do anything…”grab them by the pussy.” These are his words. You can’t deny it. We all heard him say this. Are we going to now pretend that he didn’t? Are we going to back track and gaslight on that one? Certainly, Pubs never wanted that exposed…but EVERYONE KNOWS (Dems, Pubs) that men like him take their liberties. But no one wants to own it. Even you don’t want to own it, and you’re a fairly reasonable person. So no matter who is in power, no matter what their political affiliation — these sorts of allegations are always dicey. No one wants them deeply explored because you will find rampant evidence of it, wherever there are powerful men…and they are in both parties. I personally KNOW someone who had their ass grabbed by a very powerful Democrat. She had witnesses. She had worked on his campaign. After he did THAT, on a stage, in a crowd full of people, he said to her “that was fun!” Fun.

But what are we gonna do? Would you rather have your ass grabbed by someone who at a minimum will let you have control over your body, or one who will not? I’m going to go with the former; and I certainly don’t want her bringing her allegations against him too light. I want him where he is fighting a relatively good fight. And that’s an awful deal with the devil. But that’s politics, all the time.

Dems are simply Pub lite, and as far as evildoing, their evils are usually lighter…usually. So stop with all the, Dems are so evil talk. Whatever mud Dems sling, Pubs sling it much faster and harder…

Drama punch an ass

And Pubs grab a pussy


Dems do the ass rape with vasoline and Pubs use instruments and go raw.

So I don’t want to hear this bullshit about how Dems are so evil. They. Oath can be grimes ass all hell, but not Dems in this case.

The Dems are not evil for taking Dr. Fords allegations seriously, they were slow to do it, at that…

But finally, they did and they should have, and that is exactly what the Pubs FAILED to do. Horribly. And it sent a horrible national message to all victims of any sort of sexual misconduct. You will not be heard, and even if you’re not demonized, anyone who takes your allegations seriously will be demonized and or threatened. AND we will tell everyone they are demonic, and make them angry against your supporters, and in effect you. We will find a politically correct way to silence you. That is what the Pubs have done here.

It’s clever, frightfully clever…and also evil. Deeply evil. Because it is fundamentally unnatural and evil to demand that so many people be so deeply unsympathetic to real, raw pain and suffering, like Dr. Ford displayed, by being unsympathetic to the party that actually gave her a fair shot of being heard. But it is tricky, clever and seemingly effective. A lot of people seem to be drinking THAT kool-aid, because it’s MUCH easier to drink THAT kool aid, than actually listening to victims of sexual assault.

Be honest, no one really wants to do that. It opens too many worm-cans, that we all know about, but don’t want to deal with.

It’s probably the reason most Dems aren’t even resisting this ridiculous label that’s being attached to them for listening.

I would have hoped that all of the senators would have taken her seriously. But that didn’t happen.

And was it evil when the Pubs refused to confirm Merrick Garland? I wouldn’t say that, but it certainly was AGAINST OUR ESTABLISHED RULES OF DEMOCRACY.

Was it evil when the Pubs changed the rules from a 60 vote Senate confirmation, to a 50 vote Senate confirmation? I wouldn’t say that, but again, against the rules of a centuries old very carefully constructed, republic- actually. Not a democracy, America has never been a true democracy, but rather a republic, designed to put forth the desires of THE PEOPLE.

Not some of the people.

Not just the white, powerful, male people (although initially yes).

But all the people.

The Pubs are, because they don’t have the votes, ramming their will through Congress, sound all sorts of things they don’t have the votes to do. They got plenty of dark money behind them to do it, by changing the rules of the game, everything from the right to vote, to the rules of the Senate, the ideals the Judiciary has been beholden to FOR CENTURIES, and yet they are calling foul on democrats, and effectively silencing and demeaning victims of a crime that can be particularly cruel and inhuman to some of its victims.

And yet democrats are evil? Come on! I’m annoyed because when you or anyone says this, you are metaphoricallly pissing in my ear and telling me it’s raining.

And Democrats do run afoul, but not this time, not on this issue. Stop pissing in my ear and telling me it’s raining. I don’t believe you. No one should.

Politics are ugly, and usually it’s the politicians who are the recipients of all the ugliness. But this time it’s the victims of sexual assault…and that is beyond horrible.

I am truly disgusted with all of the politicians who so badly botched this one. I hope something good comes from this, for the victims (which are most women, at some point and time in their lives.

I hope this encourages human to evolve out of that chimpanzee brain. All this sex stuff is a holdover from the Chimpanzee brain. Chimps literally beat their love/sex interests into submission, if they resist normal advances, and female chimps do, especially if they are related to the male chimp aggressor.)

But one things for DAMN sure, these victims (or just women) ain’t getting a damn thing from the Pubs. Not a damn thing, never. Not on that issue.

Working with the Light!

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