Well…if the police or the Charlottesville local politicians wanted a race riot in Charlottesville, they weren’t going to get it. Not enough blacks concentrated in Charlottesville to pop that off.

Race riots have always happened in the inner cities. They are not going to happen in the South, unless it’s a major city. Charlottesville is not a major city. It’s a college town, for very, very affluent white people, who are super, super touchy about all of their shit…so showing up under cover of night, with torches? That just wasn’t going to play well to that crowd — I don’t care who you are or what you represent. Most residents of Virginia would never try it. I wouldn’t. If you buck up against the Commonwealth, you are not going to win that battle.

But…it does seem like someone- who knows who — is trying to spark off another civil war. Setting up blacks against whites is pretty much pointless, because there is no growth in the black American population, and hasn’t been for sometime. Most blacks are concentrated in the South and Southern blacks definitely aren’t the confrontational type. Now, if the KKK wants to march in Chicago, Southside, Cabrini Green projects, I can guarantee race riots. I can guarantee it. If they want to battle with animalistic thugs, with impunity, that’s the spot. But for some reason, these groups don’t march there. They just want to intimidate law abiding blacks with things to lose and where numbers are low. As long as that’s the case, there’s not going to be any race riots at these rallies.

So whoever was banking on that, failed to take that into account, probably because they fail to understand that Black America is a super diverse population set, in its own right. Every Black American aint a BLM activists, in fact very few actually are. And the ones who are, already know they’re being set up to be killed in the streets so they aren’t on the streets anymore.

So…what really happened? I don’t think we will ever know. Two state troopers crashed a helicopter? WTF? And no one has any explanations? This sad sap, decides to use his car as a weapon, IN VIRGINIA, a state so serious about it’s law and order they sentenced a perfectly good white boy, to death over drug deals. And he was young, 19 or 20. They don’t play down here.

So back to car killer…why would he do that? Seriously, what was the motivation? It’s just odd. No one has any theory on motives, other than, well he was crazy, he liked Nazis.

Nazis didn’t ram cars into people. Crazy people generally don’t either. Something is off.

Then the police, first doing nothing, then doing everything? It’s so strange.

Then the media and the political establishment going nuts over Trump just being Trump. I mean I totally agree Trump’s an asshole, but he’s been pretty consistent about it, so I don’t get this whole…OMG! No he didn’t!

Yes he did. And, why wouldn’t he? He’s been doing and saying this same shit for the past year at least. And all these Pubs now coming at him like: this is it! This is something we just can’t tolerate!

Bullshit. You are that, you been tolerating it and I ain’t fooled one bit. What’s so different now, that y’all wanna use this to turn on Trump?

It damn sure ain’t about no woman being mowed down on the street. Who knows what’s really going down. There’s so much not adding up.

We’re not going to get anything substantive out of any investigations. I think Richard Spencer is right, he was set up. By who? Whoever it was they were not going to let him speak. And although I would have despised much of what he had to say, he had the right to say it to whoever wanted to listen. He followed all appropriate procedures, he didn’t become violent, he did not, however do as ordered by the police. Had he been black, he would have caught a beat down, right then and there.

Eventually, he did and was shocked. I honestly thought that was hysterical. If you think the police are here to serve and protect, they are. Property. They serve and protect property. And I don’t think Richard Spencer owns any in Charlottesville. So, when the orders were issued, he had to go.

Then too, you have Vice on HBO doing a documentary on one of the rally organizers — he was a total psychopath. Text book case, getting excited about all the people he thought he would be able to kill at the rally. It was a little too one sided. It was like a commercial for why we should all hate white supremacists.

I mean I don’t like white supremacists, but I don’t like being manipulated either.

Too much misinformation to know what the hell is going on. Everyone one on the right is hollering about BLM and Antifa. I roll my eyes on BLM, cause that’s some bullshit, so why should I believe this Antifa bullshit either? Most of the counter protesters seemed to be either students or church folk and their numbers were small. Not big enough to take on 1000 people. There are pictures of them totally surrounded, at least the night before. It looked like 100 surrounded by 1000, and its surely looked like they were being unnecessarily intimidated. And that’s a picture that really pissed people off around the nation. Now…maybe that too was a set up. Everyone has an agenda they desperately want to push.

We will never know the truth, but here’s what I suspect. The Charlottesville power structure didn’t want the rally there and outmaneuvered the white nationalist.

The political structure wants a certain party line about this event, and Trump is bucking it, like he always does, no surprises there, and they are turning against him.

This is theater.

Working with the Light!

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