Well I’m glad to hear it. Sounds like we’ve had similar hardships in life, and overcame them in similar ways.

I’m so sorry to hear about the geographic distance between you and your daughter and grandkids. I know how much effort you put into those relationships from reading your posts, so I know the loss of daily (or near that) interaction is hurtful.

A lot of people are experiencing these painful transitions at this time, for whatever reason. I know I am. 2018, I experienced a lot of loss as well as a lot of gain. A lot of people are saying that…it was the best year…it was the worst year…sigh. Probably our favorite President would agree! Lol!

I do agree that LOA made you and your associates sick…and that is troubling. But what I’m saying is that for the most part, LOA is misunderstood. It can be like giving a toddler a gun.

You’re not the only person to have difficulties with it. One of the very famous LOA teachers — can’t recall his name — went to prison, because someone died during one of his manifestation workshops. He was charged with negligence- and rightfully so. He wouldn’t permit the individual to leave. Had he understood the spiritual concepts underneath LOA, he never would have done that. He would have permitted the person to leave. You should never try to force your beliefs on anyone. That’s a critical feature of ACIM…you can’t force people to accept the information until they want it.

It’s true of life too…when we see our relatives struggling, we can’t force them out of that struggle. That’s a mistake I made with my brother.

LOA not as simple as outlined in The Secret. That works for some people, but for most people it does not. The trick is really understanding how the mind works…and that takes years of practice via skills like meditation, or studying a text like A Course in Miracles. And once you do that, and are really skilled at it, you tend not to want the typical things in the typical ways anymore. It’s highly paradoxical…but you want something other than the dream house…because, when you are doing these underlying spiritual studies, you get to a point where you realize, you know what? That dream house, that’s not really going to make me happy. That’s not it.

You realize, you want something deeper, something more fulfilling like meaningful relationships with people you love.

I started doing ACIM as a spiritual practice many years ago…because I did this program for anger management with a therapist and when that was over she advised me that I needed to adopt a spiritual practice to assist me in daily life. She claimed it was very important. I had too many issues with organized religion to go back that route…so I ended up doing my independent ACIM study. It changed my life…it moved me so far past my anger, which at the time, early 2000s was killing me.

If I had attempted any LOA stuff prior to my work with ACIM, I probably would have had similar results as you. For the most part, I’ve had largely mixed results…and even when I get exactly what I want…it’s challenging.

Thank you for the well wishes with the house, to eventually become a center. I believe it will manifest in a spiritually appropriate way…and I’m at a point in my studies where I’m like…I have no idea how it’s going to happen…but I trust it will be miraculous. Something I never would have dreamed of.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!