Well in defense of SNL, they’ve been doing live comedy for years! (The U.K. Equivalent would be Benny Hill I guess, but I never got that comedy.)

And SNL has always mocked the President whoever he was, and it was funny!!!🤣😄😜😅 Because it was a real mockery, a real exaggeration — like you know, the president wasn’t really doing any of the things the comediennes were doing.

But Now he is! And they can’t mock him because it wouldn’t be a mockery. It would just be them imitating exactly what the president does, And, it’s NOT funny.

The actor above, Alec Baldwin, refuses to imitate Trump anymore because he said it’s too depressing, as Trump is REALLY as incompetent as Baldwin’s charachiture of him.

The mockery is only funny when it’s a true mockery or exaggeration. It’s funny because we’re all thinking, yeah the guy is bad…but he’s not. THAT bad.

BUT, because TRUMP and his whole crew is THAT BAD, SNL is now caught between a rock and a hard place. Do they stop doing what they have been doing for the past 40 years? (Because it’s really not funny, anymore?) or do they try to keep us all laughing through this disaster?

SNL mocked Sean Spicer, and it was hysterical, because he really wasn’t THAT BAD as the character Spicey. SNL made Sean Spicer more famous than any press secretary in modern US history, but it bit him in the ass because a lot of people think it got him demoted/fired.

That could have been a good thing…IF the White House replaced him with someone more competent. BUt what do they do instead? He was replaced by someone LESS competent!!! This guy mooch, is like a SNL character!!! You can’t really tell the difference!

So…does the flaw lie with SNL? (Which stands for Saturday Night Live by the way. It’s a bunch of comedians who perform live, so it’s really funny because they make mistakes and it’s live -not recorded- sometimes it’s just bad though.) But the comedians are pissed because they’re like, we can’t really go any lower than what Trump and his people are really doing! There is no room for exaggeration or mockery!

I think the mockery is a good thing still, because while many people won’t watch the train wreck directly, they will watch it SNL. I don’t think I would know of Sean Spicer and his Shenanigans if not for SNL! I mean watch this clip! It’s funny because yes he was a really bad press secretary because he blatantly lied about everything! He almost, just almost acted as ridiculously as depicted. Everyone thought it was funny…it was a way of holding the entire administration accountable for their outrageous actions through comedy. If this administration had a gram…a thimble full of decency…it could have worked! But…it didn’t.

Instead…they fired Sean, and brought in Mooch, who is actually WORSE!!!! This guy is WORSE even than the parody of Sean Spicer!!!

How can you be worse than 👆🏼that? Well start off by giving Interviews to the New Yorker where you accuse Bannon, very high in the Trump Administration of, and I quote, “sucking his own dick.” WOW. Just WOW.

Well he has been fired though. He lasted less than a week Maybe? How can SNL not parody this stuff?

And I think we are at a point where we don’t think it’s funny anymore…and SNL even did a skit about THAT during the Trump campaign. The comedian was like, “at first we thought Trump running for President was funny, but guys, Cmon. It’s not funny anymore, it’s scary.”

So, I think SNL gets it. It’s funny, but it’s not, really. They haven’t quite figured out what to do with that dynamic.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!