Well…many white friends are approaching me for some sort of absolution, which, isn’t mine to give and wouldn’t mean a damn thing if I were to give it, anyway.

I’m actually shocked that so many white people are walking around so deeply disturbed by the racism, (because for as long as I have been alive, to my experience most white people have an inability to be completely unaffected by racism even when racist cops are using black kids as target practice unapologetically (Tamir Rice…I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio…don’t go there with me…don’t. You. Dare.)

But Trump does it? Really? Not black people being dragged out of their cars and killed by bad cops ad naseum? Say her name Sandra Bland.

And yes. I realize not all cops are bad cops. Don’t start with that. I feel for cops. I really do. The good ones do an extraordinarily difficult job, against all odds without any praise — and God help us all if they weren’t balancing the corruption out.

We desperately need the okay ones, which are most of them. They are like stop lights. We largely take them for granted, but what would the streets be like without them?

The bad ones are cancers. I’ve seen them destroy entire departments. I’ve seen them destroy entire black bodies with boots and batons and I have seen (all my life) white people be okay with this. Rodney King verdict anyone?

So what’s up, white people? Countless white people are expressing how (FINALLY!) outraged they are about racism in America. (Well at least half of them are) Can I ask why and get any real answers?

Working with the Light!