Well…maybe the have a point. Hollywood clearly does have an agenda, and it is nothing nice.

Nevertheless, I am certain that you have described certain Muslims, but certainly not all Muslims. I know you’re not describing all Muslims because I know a few and they’re nothing like this. This is the problem I had with the initial post, it was too general, too overbroad, too lazy to even say, well there are different types of Muslims, for example Sunnis, Shiites, etc. They believe different things, they worship in different ways here is an accurate and true picture of the cultural differences.

Generally Islam is a patriarchal culture and that is different from Western culture, how? Do you have any idea how Trump became president? Millions of stupid Americans looking for a big strong daddy type to save them…to come in and enforce Sharia law and give them lots of money. It is not going to happen.

Everything you have said about all Muslims, could be said about all Americans, if you want to be ignorant, loud and wrong.

But certainly there are many Americans who hate feminism, abortion and homosexuality and also believe that hunting and lynching black people is a part of Being a good Christian as well as burning crosses. But not ALL Americans. But still there are plenty of Americans like this.

People all over the world do horrorific things and hide behind religion to justify it. This goes on all over the world — and it is always a type of mindset (a conservative one) that is unable to adapt and change to changing circumstances and thus wants to revert back to sick, violent, base animal behavior out of fear. Everyone who is acting out…and believe you me, there are tons of people all over the world acting out in crazy ways, are doing so because they are unable to cope with change. The world is changing very quickly…so much is on the verge of collapse and instead of thinking creatively and innovatively some people want to sit up and hate and blame and be destructive. They aren’t smart enough for anything else.

This has nothing to do with Islam or Christianity, but a darkness and sickness of mind that exists in all sorts of minds all over the globe.

You assume that I am progressive and you toss that out like that is a dirty word. Whatever. Hating and fearing everyone who is different from you is clearly not progressive, nor Cristian nor Islamic. It is evil, as well as simple and silly and stupid.

Anyone who attacks women and girls because of what they are wearing has got some serious psychological problems, but that has very little to do with Islam and everything to do with the darkness and sickness of this person. It is amazing how white people can bend over backwards to find excuses for someone like Dylan Roof, who invites himself into a black church for bible study, is treated well by all church members and ends up killing them all anyway, but then cannot ever find the same sort of sympathy for disturbed Muslims or other nonwhites who do similar crazy things.

According to the logic that you use, then all white people must harbor a murderous rage for people of color that is so deep they will walk into a sacred place of worship and just start killing people…that is white people. That is what they do. Since all Muslims are bad, because of the actions of a few, certainly all white people are horrorific! Do you want to go over the list of atrocities committed by white people recently? Well there is the cop in North Carolina, video-taped killing people just for kicks. All white people just love to kill. I have seen it on tape. These are a godless people who harbor a deep hatred in their hearts and just love to kill other human beings. Look at Hitler! Stalin, hell J. Edger Hoover with his cross-dressing self! Timothy McVey who bombed an entire skyscraper full of people World Trade Center style. All white people I tell you! Evil! Killers! Murderers!

I do not believe this however, because I am intelligent enough to be able to distinguish some deeply troubled and sick white men, from millions of others in America, many of whom are in fact just as sick and violent as Dylan Roof, but many of whom are not.

I don’t sit up and throw huge blanket accusations on entire groups of people-not because I am progressive, but because I AM INTELLIGENT. I can read and think and reason. I have the ability to differentiate between people within a group of people. I refuse to say or think that all Muslims are bad and work myself up into a tizzy about it, because that is stupid. And to make a similar point I refuse to say all white people are bad (because believe you me, I know plenty of people who believe this with all their hearts), because that would be equally stupid.

People are people wherever you go. They break down into about 16 different types, wherever you go. And wherever you go there is the scared insecure type (they prefer the term conservative) that wants to hate and kill everyone different than them. That exists in ever race and every religion all across the planet.

And that is a shame…but it is not particularly Muslim. No amount of propaganda anyone throws out can change this basic fact. It is funny everything that you have said about Muslims — the same damn thing can be said about the Trump administration!!!! So I guess (according to you) Muslims are just like extreme Republicans. Fancy that! So all of the above views are perfectly fine when white people have them, says half of the American population. But when Muslims have these exact same views, it is a problem? How crazy and racist is that?

Don’t confuse being progressive ( the root word of which is progress, what idiot doesn’t want progress) with logical, reasonable and rational. I am being the latter when I say you cannot paint an entire religion of people with such a broad and dark brush. It is ignorant, hateful and simplistic. It solves no problems and makes everything much worse.

When I talk about pushing buttons here is what I mean…there are people who want you to be afraid. As long as you are afraid you are easy to manipulate. These people exist in every culture all around the world. You keep trying to label things that elites do and have as “bad.” Thinking is bad. Not being afraid of everything is bad. Well let me ask you this, do you think those trillion dollar Rothschild’s are quaking in their boots over Muslims? I guarantee that they are inviting the billionaire Saudis over to their Eyes Wide Shut parties, and laughing over how stupid most people are, and how easy it is to stop them from thinking for themselves just by making them afraid; and then how easy it is to manipulate these people into any idiotic thing, like costly wars that kill everyone and destroy the earth, meanwhile enriching them.

My mind will always be free from fear. That is my choice. You can attempt demonize my free thoughts and scream hate and fear is the way all you want…I will never believe that. Most people will never believe that. You are losing this battle that you don’t even understand. The battle is not between Europeans and Muslims. The battle is between your free mind and soul and those who want you to have neither.

They are just pleased as punch to have little minions like you shoveling out their propaganda of fear, and leading all sorts of little lambs to the slaughter. You are a pawn in a much larger agenda, yet there are those of us who refuse to be.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!