Well maybe you should, because a culture that encourages rape, even in youth, is problematic, as everyone- or at least a lot of women — are beginning to see.

With regard to all of this, the blame doesn’t lie solely with Dr. Ford, who clearly made some bad choices with tragic consequences, not does it lie solely with Judge Kavanaugh, who made even worse choices and expected to escape the consequences entirely.

The blame lies in our culture and with all of us. All of us who love drinking and guns and sex and violence and sexism and women constantly being treated as objects that sell everything from beer (Kavanaugh likes beer!) to cars to themselves.

It is a toxic rapey culture…and we all know this…this ain’t no big surprise to no one. We all know exactly what the deal is…we just don’t want to deal with it, and some people don’t want it to change, way too much invested in the status quo, like the NFL.

When you breed men to be hyper aggressive, in classrooms, on the football field, in their fraternities , on the battlefield — it’s not going to stop in their homes or bedrooms- that’s such a ridiculously, stupid idea. Of course these men are going to rape.

And it gets worse…when you breed them for the sort of deeply inhuman combat that they engage in in war today, well they come back from that done — largely unable to participate in life.

Aggression has been overbred in men, and this hurts men, just as much as, maybe even more so than women. Do you have any idea how many vets come home and kill themselves? Millions.

I know because I used to teach these vets. I listened to their stories of how they came home, incredibly violent and unable to relate to a relatively peaceful American civilian experiences.

Maybe youthful drinking isn’t of National importance, but millions of vets suffering from PTSD and suicide is, or at least it should be. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about the way we teach boys to be men and where that actually leads them…it leads a lot of them into early graves.

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