Well…no…never. Like Rwanda, sure that was a holocaust, but hey, who cares? Not any official government at the time.

And there are thousands of Rwandas, all day everyday. You know this. You write about this constantly.

Most of these stories go untold, except by the survivors, who somehow manage to live to tell the most incredible stories of crawling out of villages after hiding underneath all the dead bodies of slain family members for several days. (I read one such story from an immigrant out of Africa…I can’t Remember the country…I just remember her story, and what a story. Just the will to survive. It is astounding. )

“You have everything, You have nothing” was yet another incredible story…written here on Medium by an African refugee who was reunited (for a weekend) with her family who she hadn’t seen in over a decade on the Oprah show.

It was not a ringing endorsement on the humanity of the Oprah show.

To my experience, if you listen to the story of any African refugee, you will hear about the absolute worst things any human could live through and survive…and no government cares.

But other people do. I don’t mean to suggest that this is just the plight of African refugees. This is the plight of refugees…and there are probably close to a billion refugees worldwide…and governments (especially my government) could care less.

It’s never about the humans, but the oil, or the gold, or the water to be stolen. You know this.

My government barely cares about me, or any of the people “supposed” to be here. Black Lives Matter is a movement begun by Black AMERICANS. And yet our government fundamentally disagrees with the idea that black lives matter. This is evident in its policies against black life. 3/5ths of a person and our government has sanctioned violence that literally cuts off limbs to make that so.

I know you know all this. I follow you religiously because you actually cover human rights issues, more thoroughly and succinctly than any journalist I’ve ever encountered covering the subject.

Most of these stories simply do not get covered at all. They aren’t to be a part of the controlling narrative, unless…they can serve as a justification for stealing oil, gold, water etc.

And…while mainly the victims of government violence are brown disenfranchised people, it’s not always the case. What do Afghan poppy fields have to do with small town American white folk? I’ll tell you.

Those poppy fields in Afghanistan…and all that premium killer dope? American troops were guarding them from Afghanistanians trying to set fire to them. But why?

They were a sort of oil.

Betcha know nothing of how in the small towns everywhere in America white folks have been dropping like flies from opioid/heroin overdoses. Seriously, dead bodies on the streets. An epidemic. Kids left in car seats, watching their nodded out or dead parents, on the side of the road.

It was really quiet kept…no alarms sounded like with this virus. No daily death toll count, though it is in the millions.

While the bodies pile up, the small towns have been decimated (seriously, American small towns look like the armegeddon is here…quiet as it has been kept.)

And, in all of this, a single family got filthy, dopey rich, pushing (legally) opioids of all kinds via Big Pharma.

Human Rights indeed.

Working with the Light!

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