Well on this we both can agree…but if Police Departments everywhere don’t chill with all of their “murder death kill kill” antics, well….

And this is why we are going into week 5 of social unrest. The police still want to march around like this is Nazi Germany…problem is…this isn’t Nazi Germany; so many factors have changed since 1940 ish, like the fact that everyone walks around with digital devices that can record, any and everything.

We see the monsters that Nazi Germany took great pains to cover up. The police are being put on full blast for their monstrous behavior…everyone sees it…everyone is disgusted.

While I agree that police as a construct, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon…police who act like Nazis are done. We do not need or want them. We will keep putting them on blast and pointing out their murder death kill antics…and demanding justice everytime they murder someone for shits and giggles.

Police need to stop killing people, just because they can. It’s revolting…and so we have a revolt. Who knows when it will end. I tire of the noise and drama too, but I bet it gets worse before it gets better.

Working with the Light!

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