Well on this we can both agree. As for Trump, this year I decided to stop resisting him in that typical democrat or “leftist” (kinda hate that term) way.

I don’t and will probably never like Trump, BUT, there is far too much energy coming from the left that focuses on tearing him down, criticizing everything he says and does and it’s not helpful.

Rarely does Trump do anything that I find particularly helpful to the American people, but I do find that I am satisfied with his handling of the so called COVID crisis. I think nefarious forces are at work in all this, and he seems to be standing up to them. I still don’t think he’s a good president. But to be fair, I don’t think any of them have been.

I am blinded by Trump’s general obnoxiousness. He has a personality that is obnoxious, I don’t know how people can see beyond it, to get to all this good stuff. But I will say that you have raised valid points about the good he has done; and I know it is hard for him because he encounters so much resistance at every turn. Like I’m pretty left leaning (I think I’m off the scale), and even I’m like, enough with the nonstop hating of Trump! It’s enough! At the end of his first term he’s been handed some really fucked up circumstances…and ya know, he’s doing all right.

Never going to worship the guy, never going to worship any American president, but I am done mocking him at every turn, this is wasted energy. I am listening to people who say, “but Trump has done all of these good things!” Because I know some of these people and they seem to genuinely believe this.

I’m not denying that he has either. He has done some good, getting that corona stimulus package out was a good thing, not forcing everyone to kowtow to whatever the secret agenda is with this Corona virus, is also a good thing. He sucks at race relations, badly, Kanye West not withstanding.

But I think it’s true that he is probably not as bad as he is made out to be…and I’m going to stop participating in the Trump trashing. Never going to a rally…I never went to an Obama event even, not even when it was right down the street from me. Recognized pretty quickly he was all slick talk, (and that was about it) the best silver tongue ever! Signing off on pretty despicable shit. What a disappointment. Hope indeed. We can’t put so much faith, hope and trust in these people! Yeah obama talks real pretty! And I know so many people who straight worship him, even though all we really got with him was pretty talk! That only goes so far. Pretty talk doesn’t feed people. Pretty talk doesn’t lead to affordable healthcare as promised. Like all of them, Obama did some good (with the healthcare) but probably more bad when you add it all up. I’m sick of the lot of them, Dems, Pubs, and Trump was what we got cause people are so sick off all the shit!

If I’m objective I’d say Trump is a very Interesting choice…and the jury is still out on how that choice ultimately affects America.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was able to see what you see.

Working with the Light!

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