Well on this we most certainly agree. So then as a nation how can we be so deeply entrenched in a partisan fight, where there are such minimal differences between the parties.

And most people balk at the authoritarian right leaning structure, which is why Dems pretend not to have it and claim to be the party of inclusion and tolerance…but I’m sick of those meaningless buzz words.

What I’m saying is this is literally crazy for people to be so insensed over what either party is doing.

Most people want an entirely new party, that really represent the desires of the people. That’s what Obama sold, but it was a fallacy.

That’s what Trump is selling now, and totally rational people like you are buying it, but again fallacy. I don’t know how anyone could possibly believe this country is doing okay economically. I simply do not know. So many parts of the country are in a second and even third world status, like the midwestern City Cleveland, where I’m from. In my lifetime, I’ve seen that city go from okay, to bad, to worse, to “is this Afghanistan?” To, okay corporations are coming in and infusing money but, privatizing everything, driving the cost of everything WAY up, keeping wages way, way down, and, quiet as it’s kept, bringing in new money from all over the world, primarily Asia, to feed its appetite. Driving the original inhabitants of the City (Americans) out to poorer areas that have that third world thing going on (like entire streets impassable, done. They look like the moon. They will tear your car up.)

And Trump claims he’s stopping this from happening- he’s not. And I’m sure the argument could be that he shouldn’t. I went to GMUs school of law and economics, where we extensively studied the coase theory — in The absence of transaction costs resources flow to their most highly valued use.

Asians may value the resources more than Americans do…cause they have the ability to pay for them. But aside from that economic theory, this practice is extremely damaging to Americans. And rural America…man. Have they taken some deep and undeserving losses over the past three decades. Man.

When you actually delve into the specifics, it seems pretty hopeless for most Americans all the way round.

Hence the political conflict as a distraction, which keeps us from ever really focusing on the issues and affecting any real change — ever.

Well thanks for the engagement in the rhetorical gamesmanship. It was enlightening. I’m going to be thinking about the rhetorical part of this discussion, for some time.


You’re wrong about Trump who definitely had a certain rhetorical style, that is absolutely brilliant if you want to manipulate people of average intelligence, through emotions. I hate to tell you, but you are not immune to it. Though you can at least be snapped out of the spell, because higher than average intelligence. But his style is Positively brilliant…honed and perfected over time, and put on steroids via use of technology. Trumps people push a button and command millions…all because of that rhetorical style.

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