Well quite a lot of assumptions in this post, for one, you assume that you know everyone who has ever been identified as a “conspiracy theorist” and how they think.

Here’s what “conspiracy theorists” that I know DON’T DO. They don’t assume that any and everything that is put out as FACT by mass media systems is true…and they are smart to do that as these systems are rife with all kinds of propaganda. (Attempts to control what people think, by providing a great deal of flawed information along with accurate information, propaganda is very tricky in that way.)

They do use science that they understand, physics, to explain what can happen under the laws of physics — things like, metal can only melt at these temperatures, ordinary fire should not cause aluminum to liquify — and oh isn’t it odd how, the home has been totally eviscerated behind that plastic garbage, but the garbage can still stands. (Paradise, California)

This was an actual conversation that I had with a “conspiracy theorists.” Sounds like factual information to me. (What temperature metal melts at) But because this individual questions what the media reports as fact — all that damage was caused by “fire” they get labeled a kook.

And yet, anyone with a functioning brain should readily admit, “I’ve not seen fire cause that kind of damage, something is definitely up.” Which was what I did. I questioned the facts presented, and as soon as I do that, lazy lemming non thinkers shout and point “conspiracy theorist!”

Yeah, I call bullshit. Not accepting whatever I’m told doesn’t make me a conspiracy theorists, but someone who IS ABLE TO THINK.

It’s absolutely alarming how people get attacked for doing that.

I don’t do conspiracy theories, because for one, they do require a lot of critical thinking- and by that I mean questioning of what is being reported as fact.

And then there are the conspiracy theorists bashers….those who will ignore entire libraries of information, as well as science and common sense, to uphold whatever the authority wants to be fact. “Yes! 2+2 does most certainly equal 5 under these conditions….everyone knows that.”

No fuck that. I’m not stupid…and no I have never seen fire liquify metal….I have just never seen that…and I’m not saying it can’t be done, I just question whether a “Camp Fire” could do it.

And yet apparently, that’s what happened in Paradise, California. But No one should question that? Because Fox News said so? or CNN?

Because of the types of things that are often reported by systems that are supposed to be a source of reliable information, not only are you not a critical thinker if you don’t question it…you are a lemming, definitely headed for a cliff.

But that is the point right? Dumbing people way, way, way down so they can be led off of any cliff, quite easily- and if they can’t, well that’s because they’re a “crazy” a conspiracy theorist “Kook” yes any one who asks any questions about any so called “facts” gets that label.

And to be sure, some conspiracy theorists make assumptions, but most of them just ask questions. They say, “I don’t believe this thing that is being reported as fact because…” and they have their reasons; and they are often quite logical and rational.

They can point to a lot of occurrences that are just down right bizarre, and show how when you consider all of the information, the party line begins to seem nonsensical.

And that is what I take issue with. I take issue with anyone who tries shut down that sort of questioning, it is important. It’s important to a functional democracy. (What’s that? Does any one even remember?) It’s important to effective problem solving. It is important to not being fed cyanide laced Koolaid.

Why is there no cute for cancer, despite decades of study and trillions of dollars? What does “science” have to say about that? Ask your own questions, find your own answers and be labeled a “conspiracy theorists” by those who make trillions off of a lack of cure. How convenient for those making trillions off of a lack of a cure. It’s especially convenient when they stop any questions from being asked about cancer cures. Incredibly convenient.

But apparently critical thinking of this nature is to be reserved for elites only…I guess you have to be as rich as Bill Gates to be able to ask questions, huh? Only people with tons of money are allowed to think, because how else would they maintain their monolopoly over those resources?

The conspiracy theorists I know ARE critical thinkers….and when “fire” is melting metal and leaving plastic totally in tact, only an absolute idiot fails to ask questions.

And yet…most do not. Hope you enjoy the bottom of that cliff.

Working with the Light!

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